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Attic Insulation

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Heating and cooling costs account for up to 50-70% of the energy used in an average home. This means that losing your home’s hot or cold air makes for a huge energy waste. Taking steps to prevent this loss is especially important when thinking of ways to make your home greener. Adding insulation to your attic helps reduce your energy costs by lowering the amount of energy you need to keep you home at a comfortable level.

Save up to 40% on energy costs with the proper insulation and installation process

Today, one of the most effective ways to save energy when buying new homes or upgrading existing homes is through energy efficient Cellulose Insulation. Cellulose provides significant, on-going savings versus other insulating materials on the cost of home energy.

Did you Know?

  1. Prior to Dec. 31, 1975, Ontario did not have a Building Code and each Ontario municipality had the authority to enforce its own building rules. The first Ontario Building Code was filed on November 24, 1975 and came into force on December 31, 1975 and superseded all municipal laws regarding design and construction of buildings.
  2. Many homes today(pre 2005) have attic insulation ranging between R-10 and R-32.  Our current building code is a minimum of R-60. By adding insulation your home and family will benefit from additional attic insulation.
  3.  As far as home improvements go, Attic insulation is not expensive in relation to other upgrades like windows/doors and the payoff is quick. Poor insulation or lack there of in your home is costing you money and leaving the door open for mold growth.

    Example: If you have trouble heating and/or cooling your top floor, there is a good chance you need additional attic insulation. Insulation can save you approximately 20-30% per year on your heating and cooling costs and will help make your house more comfortable .

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Benefits of Blown-In Attic Insulation


Keeps your home comfortable year-round by limiting heat flow.


Increased efficiency helps to lower your energy bills, saving you money.


Proper attic insulation also reduces the formation of ice dams, icicles, mildew and mold growth.

Cost Effective

Save on heating and cooling costs, improve durability, increase comfort, and create a healthier indoor environment.

We work with high quality Insulation products

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