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Attic Insulation

We offer the best Attic Insulation services in North America

In an average home in Ottawa, more than half of the energy consumed is used for heating and cooling. Taking steps to prevent this amount of energy loss is vital if you want to make your home greener and protect the environment. Adding insulation to your attic will drastically reduce your energy costs and maintain the temperature of your home at a comfortable level.

If you are looking for attic insulation contractors in Ottawa, we can assist. RPM, is a locally owned and operated whole home service provider like no other. Our friendly and professional team are highly skilled in attic insulation in Ottawa and other areas in the region. We also service GTA and the Kitchener area.

We are known in the local area for providing a friendly service and delivering the personal touch for each of our customers. After we have finished any service at your home, you will feel the warmth and friendliness first hand and will no doubt feel like you are part of our family.

When insulating your home, including when installing insulation in Ottawa, GTA and Kitchener area, we always recommend insulating your attic first. However, before starting the process, we will need to check your attic for any issues or problems, including leaks and mold buildup. If we find anything of concern, we will advise you on the best options to quickly fix the issues and provide an honest quotation to remedy the situation.

We offer heating and cooling services, including furnace and air conditioning installations and upgrades, we also provide mold remediation and prevention services, mosquito flogging, and can install gutter guards and clean out your gutters. If you would like us to give you a free no-obligation quotation for any of these services, including gutter cleaning in Ottawa, get in touch with us today.

One of our fast-responding, polite, respectful, and professional team members will schedule a home site visit to inspect and assess your attic space thoroughly. We will advise you on any issues we find, including mold or water damage, and provide you with a quick quotation for any services we recommend. Click on the button at the side or bottom of this page to get your free estimate today.


When you buy a new home or upgrade an existing home, one of the most effective ways to save energy is through energy efficient Insulation which can significantly provide you with ongoing savings

Photo of a group of houses using professional insulation materials

Did you Know?

  1. Before December 1975, Ontario did not have a Building Code, and each Ontario municipality had the authority to enforce its own building rules. The first Ontario Building Code was filed in November 1975 and came into force in December 1975. This new code superseded all municipal laws regarding the design and construction of buildings.
  2. Many homes today (pre-2005) have attic insulation ranging between R-10 and R-32. Our current building code is a minimum of R-60. By adding insulation your home and family will benefit from additional attic insulation.
  3. As far as home improvements go, Attic insulation is not expensive compared to other upgrades like windows and doors and the payoff is quick. Poor insulation in your home is costing you money and increasing the chances for mold growth.


    For example, if you have trouble heating and cooling your top floor, there is a good chance you need additional attic insulation. Insulation can save you approximately 40% per year on your heating and cooling costs, and will help make your house more comfortable.

We provide free estimates:

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Benefits of Blown-In Attic Insulation


Keeps your home comfortable year-round by limiting heat flow.


Increased efficiency helps to lower your energy bills, saving you money.


Proper attic insulation also reduces the formation of ice dams, icicles, mildew and mold growth.

Cost Effective

Save on heating and cooling costs, improve durability, increase comfort, and create a healthier indoor environment.

We work with high quality Insulation products

House with a beautiful roof. RPM provides high quality Insulation, Attic Mold Removal and other services while focusing on attention to detail as well as safety at a competitive pricing.

Insulation Removal

RPM provides insulation removal that is professional, fast, safe, and clean. We will let you know if a complete removal is necessary. When complete we can assist you with the re-installation.
So, why Remove Insulation?
Do you have poor air flow or issues with your current installation?
Smoke damage, water damage, insulation is contaminated with mold or animal debris, vermiculite or beginning a new renovation are all reasons you may need to remove old insulation.
We have the proper equipment and use the right specialized tools in order to remove your old and unwanted insulation.

The Types of Insulation We Remove:

Blown-In Fibreglass

Technician spraying blown Fiberglass Insulation between Attic Trusses foam insulation repair tool in the white protect suit applies a construction foam from the gun to the roof.

Rolled Fibreglass Bat

Cellulose Insulation

Insulation of attic with insulation material and pipe heating system a building with wooden beams of a roof structure

Basement Insulation

For Optimal Insulation Performance, Air Sealing is Critical

Effective air sealing is critical to insulation performance.

Tips for Sealing Air Leaks:

  • Hire an energy assessor or other weatherization expert to test your home for air tightness.
  • Caulk and weatherstrip doors and windows that leak air.
  • Caulk and seal air leaks where plumbing, ducting, or electrical wiring comes through walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • Install foam gaskets behind outlet and switch plates on walls.
  • Inspect dirty spots on any visual insulation for air leaks and mold. Seal leaks with low-expansion spray foam made for this purpose and install house flashing if needed.
  • Look for dirty spots on your ceiling paint and carpet, which may indicate air leaks at interior wall/ceiling joints and wall/floor joists, and caulk them.
  • Replace single-pane windows with more efficient double-pane low- emissivity windows. See the Windows section for more information.
  • Use foam sealant on larger gaps around windows, baseboards, and other places where air may leak out.
  • Check your dryer vent to be sure it is not blocked. This will save energy and may prevent a fire.
  • Replace exterior door bottoms and thresholds with ones that have pliable sealing gaskets.
  • Keep the fireplace flue damper tightly closed when not in use.
  • Seal air leaks around fireplace chimneys, furnaces, and gas-fired water heater vents with fire-resistant materials such as sheet metal or sheetrock and furnace cement caulk.
Note that air sealing alone doesn’t eliminate the need for proper insulation to reduce heat flow through the building envelope. Air sealing will ensure proper airflow throughout the home – it will affect both air moisture and oxygen levels. Air sealing, particularly in the attic, will efficiently control airflow from inside the home to the outside of the home. When insulation is being removed and/or reinstalled, air sealing is key to the performance of the newly installed insulation. Today, building codes may even require air sealing as part of the project.

Cash rebates are available in ontario

You can take advantage of several home energy rebates that will offset the cost of your insulation project. Each rebate offer has specific upgrade targets and requisites.
Enbridge Gas offers a Home Energy Conservation Program (for two upgrades)
Ontario’s AffordAbility Fund is for electricity customers (certain income levels)
Big icicles hanging from roof on glasshouse. Snow melting during early spring and frozen at night. Problem of poor thermal insulation of old greenhouse building. Winter ice on house and snow break

Ice Damming & Attic Upgrades

Why upgrade my attic insulation?

Most homes in Manitoba were built during a period of time when energy was cheap and plentiful. As a result little attention was given to energy efficiency. With today’s modern energy
costs it pays dividends to be more energy efficient.
Typically the primary reason for retrofitting your home’s insulation is energy savings, so make every dollar count! If you are going to insulate, insulate your attic, it is here where most
homeowners are typically able to achieve the highest increase in insulation, over the largest area of space, for the most reasonable cost.
Winnipeg has seen a glut of colder than normal winters lately. Maybe you’ve noticed a problem with your attics performance which was not apparent in warmer years. Deal with it before the
next deep freeze and put an end to the long term damage done by excessive moisture accumulation and ice-dams.

What materials should i use?

We will typically recommend one or a combination of blown in loose fill insulation and spray foam.
Spray foam is a versatile product with a high R value per inch, it is also a vapor barrier as well as an insulator. It is good for creating a continuous vapour barrier over a variety of rough surfaces and penetrations and can also be sprayed directly on the roof deck in sloped attics.
Loose fill insulation is resistant to mold and made with non-flammable recycled material.

Don't just top up your insulation!

Many people are poorly served by simply topping up existing insulation levels. Your attic is a complex system separating the generally warm moist inside environment from the cold
Winnipeg winter.
Typically, older attics will not only have very little insulation but also lack ventilation and a suitable vapour barrier or will have holes which allow warm moist inside air entry into the attic. When an attic is warm it is common to see snow melting off the roof while other roofs remain covered in snow. In severe cases, as snow accumulates it begins to insulate your roof to the point
where the bottom layer of snow will melt and freeze with fluctuating temperature causing an ice dam. As well as forming icicles, an ice dam can work up and behind the shingles where it melts and causes leaking inside the attic.
Changing a leaky attic from warm to cold by adding insulation without stopping the leak will often allow excessive condensation to form on the cold underside of the roof where it can melt
and damage the roof, insulation, and ceiling. Upgrades to attic insulation should always be performed with complementary retrofits including installing appropriate ventilation, and air sealing penetrations such as bathroom fans, plumbing stacks, electrical wires, pot lights and other fixtures. When properly assessed and upgraded, attics keep the heat in and the moisture out.

My attic is a problem that needs fixing.

If the damage is too severe or recurring for a long time, bulk moisture has made its way into the attic causing damage and the insulation needs to be removed and the problem addressed.
However unfortunate these situations are we are equipped to deal with them. Don’t waste the opportunity made by removing damaged material to perform a full inspection of the air/vapor barrier. It is an opportunity to correct moisture problems once and for all.

Why You want Blown-In Cellulose

Proper Home Temperature

Adding insulation into your attic will help regulate the temperature throughout the house to avoid hot and cold zone.

prevents ice damming on roof

Ice damming is caused by two major factors: low insulation levels and insufficient airflow.

Fire and mould retardant

Cellulose insulation is fire and mould retardant making it the leading product to use in your attic for peace of of mind.

highest r-value per dollar

Cellulose is the most cost effective way to upgrade your attic insulation, being able to obtain 3.8 R-value per inch. This provides you with the highest R-value per dollar over other types of insulation.

Up to 40% savings on energy bills

Attic insulation upgrading can reduce your heating and cooling cost by up to 40% (with an ROI within 2 years on avg).

Keep pests out

If you notice pests in your attic (birds, mice, even raccoons), that means it’s time to upgrade your insulation to blown-in cellulose. It’s pest resistant, but is safe for your family and the environment.