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Insulation Removal

RPM provides insulation removal that is professional, fast, safe, and clean. We will let you know if a complete removal is necessary. When complete we can assist you with the re-installation.
So, why Remove Insulation?
Do you have poor air flow or issues with your current installation?
Smoke damage, water damage, insulation is contaminated with mold or animal debris, vermiculite or beginning a new renovation are all reasons you may need to remove old insulation.
We have the proper equipment and use the right specialized tools in order to remove your old and unwanted insulation.

We provide free estimates:

We are here to help you understand your needs and find the best solutions for your home. Contact us for a Free Estimate Consultation Today.

We work with high quality Insulation products

The Types of Insulation We Remove:

Blown-In Fibreglass

Rolled Fibreglass Bat

Cellulose Insulation

Basement Insulation


Mold & Water Damage

  • When water enters your attic from the roof, new or old it will cause mold if left untreated.  Mould can grow when temperatures fluctuate, causing the insulation and wood to degrade.  RPM will remove your insulation and the mold on your wood.

Raccoon/rat/mouse Infestations

Where there can be rodent and bed bug issues in the house, it is strongly advised that your insulation be removed.  Replacing with new and healthier insulation will improve your homes quality of life.   This will help reduce the health risks related to these and other animals/insects.


Getting your ceiling replaced?  Adding pot lights?  New wiring needed?  RPM will remove your old insulation to insure proper access to all areas of your attic.

Fire and Smoke

If your home has suffered fire and smoke damage resulting in your insulation getting wet and/or causing a constant smoke odour, it might be trapped inside the fibres of your attic insulation. To get rid of the odour and improve your homes comfort levels again, replacing the insulation is necessary.

What equipment and supplies do you need to do attic insulation removal?

While heavy-duty, commercial grade equipment is not necessary having proper equipment will ensure a thorough Attic Insulation Removal.


The Attic Insulation Removal equipment and supplies needed for your project will be determined by the type of insulation to be removed. You will have one of two types of insulation in your attic, sometimes both; your attic will have been previously insulated with Blown Cellulose Insulation or Fiberglass Batt Insulation. 


Blown Cellulose Insulation is typically brown or gray in color and is a loose material that falls apart when you pick it up. 


Fiberglass Batt Insulation is most commonly pink or yellow but can also be found in white or brown and it’s form is a thick 4 inch to 12 inch mat of material around 2 feet wide by 4 feet long.

Insulation Removal Equipment and Supplies:

  • 23-Horse Power, Commercial-Grade Insulation Removal Vacuum (300 lbs, optional)
  • 150 Feet 4-10 Vacuum Hoses
  • Metal Hose Connectors
  • Industrial 6 ft x 4 ft, 100 cubic ft Vacuum Bags (4-6 bags, 350 lbs filled with old, contaminated insulation)
  • 6 ft – 10 ft Ladder
  • Rakes and Dustpans (without commercial vacuum usage)
  • Contractors Grade 50 Gal Waste Bags (without commercial vacuum usage)
  • Dumpster