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Window cleaning used to be something of a craft in which specialists on ladders worked hard to produce a streak-free finish using a squeegee and detergent solution.


Factors like efficiency, safety, and sustainability are increasingly important, and that’s why our ladderless, purified water, no spots solution is better

Gutter Cleaning

How to Clean Gutters the Right Way

Cleaning the exterior of your home is essential for maintaining a healthy, safe environment and making it look its best. With proper care, gutters can last for many years.


Cleaning gutters can be a simple task. However, you will need to do it correctly to avoid property damage. The gutter attracts water from your roof and directs it towards your downspouts. Debris such as leaves and twigs can get stuck in the gutters, preventing the proper flow of water.


There are many different ways to clean gutters, with materials ranging from simple hose clamps to complex gutter scrubbers. The best way to decide on the ideal gutter cleaning method depends on several factors, such as your home’s size and layout, as well as the condition of your gutters.


If you’re cleaning your gutters the old fashioned way, then here’s how to do it correctly:


Step 1: Remove all leaves and other debris from your roof.
Step 2: Use a leaf blower or vacuum to remove any loose debris.
Step 3: Clear out any stains on your roof that may have formed over the winter.
Step 4: Use a water hose to wash down your entire fascia and downspouts to remove any mold or algae growth. A quick way to solve the mold problem is to hire a mold remediation expert near you.
Step 5: Wash down both sides of the gutter where it meets.


Instead of going through the daunting process and getting your hands dirty, you can hire a professional gutter cleaning service near you. RPM gutter cleaning professionals are well trained and use the best equipment and eco friendly products to make your gutter clean.


We Clean Like a Pro

The right way to clean your gutters is to get a gutter cleaning service like RPM Cleaning service. Don’t worry about putting chemicals down your storm drains; we recommend that you call a professional from our company at least once a year for proper maintenance.


Small gutter clogs are easy to clear on your own, but you should call upon professionals for larger issues who can treat them properly and prevent bigger problems in the future.


RPM technicians will provide you with the best gutter cleaning service in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Plus, we can help with other services like air conditioner repair in Ottawa, mold remediation, mosquito and tick control service.


We believe in using the best products available to make sure we get the job done right while providing the best value possible to our customers. This is why RPM uses the SKYVAC external cleaning system for gutter cleaning in Ottawa and other cities.

Gutter Cleaning Equipment:

Our specifically modified, time-efficient, high-level gutter cleaning systems have been specially developed for outdoor work, so they’re robust. This replaces the requirement for expensive, inflexible, and often time-consuming ladders and scaffolding.

Our SkyVac system is ideal for industrial, commercial and domestic use, wet or dry application. No matter the job, we can get it done. We clean eavestroughs thoroughly.



Key features:

  • 3 industrial strength vacuum motors give huge suction power of 150 inches of water lift.
  • Unique PowerMix feature gives 50% more suction-lift power than its nearest rival.
  • All-terrain steel chassis with stainless steel container.
  • The SkyVac 85 has a durable wet/dry HEPA filter located under the head, easily removed by the twist of a knob.

Our gutter inspection camera system is specifically designed to work outdoors in harsh environments. 



RPM does not need to use an unsafe ladder which could damage your home to see what needs to be removed. We use the latest technology to save you time and money.

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Window Cleaning

Window cleaning used to be something of a craft in which specialists on ladders worked hard to produce a streak-free finish using a squeegee and detergent solution. 

Factors like efficiency, safety, and sustainability are increasingly important and that’s why our ladderless, purified water, no spots solution is better..

The water-fed pole removes the environmental impact of chemicals by using pure water alone, while allowing operators to clean windows safely – and more quickly – from the ground.


So why would anyone ever need a traditional window cleaner again?


The benefits of water-fed pole systems can be summed up in three words: reach, safety, and speed.

RPM’s team uses pure water to ensure your satisfaction with our window cleaning services in North America. No cleaning chemicals are required.


The latest innovations in pure water window cleaning come from pure water cleaning. Most water has tiny dissolved particles in it.


Once the water dries on a surface, those particles become the spots you see left behind. Purified water is the key to leaving no spots or residue on windows.

Using hand tools requires working at height, and unfortunately, falls from heights have always been the biggest concern for window cleaners. We use the water fed-pole system because it is efficient, produces great value, and is safe for our team to operate.


Water-fed poles can clean at greater heights without the need for access equipment. Currently, our poles can clean to over 30 feet from the safety of the ground. Poles are quickly becoming the standard, where previously hydraulic platforms or even rope access was used more frequently. This means the work is not only safer, but it is also much more cost-effective.

RPM uses the next generation of pure water-fed poles, systems, and accessories, taking our window cleaning business to new heights. RPM uses Northern Lite water-fed poles and brushes.


For the hard to get dirt we use the Tucker Hybrid brush with boar hair bristles.

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