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Attic mold Prevention

When was the last time you ventured into your attic? If you are like most home owners, its been a while! Attics typically are often forgotten about until a roof leak occurs.

Since attics are often out of sight & out of mind, they easily become a breeding ground for mold. Believe it or not, attics are one of the most common places for mold growth in a home.

I have Attic Mold, how do I remove it?

Attic molds #1 issue is that it is in the ATTIC. The attic tends to be out of site and out of mind. All we know is that there should be insulation up there and I have a hatch somewhere in the house to get up there. Since we are rarely up there to inspect the attic has become a breading ground for mold because of unknown leak, humidity, heat and/or poor venting. This is why attic is the most common place for mold to grow in your home. A warm place with moisture is perfect place for mold.

Yes. Attic mold can be more dangerous that other types of mold because it has gone so long without being noticed. This means it could have penetrated other areas of the home and caused more damage.

  1.  Warm temperatures
  2. High humidity, condensation, or a leak
  3. Improper ventilation, no ventilation, or blocked vents/baffles in the soffit
  4. Food (wrong type of insulation, wood, dust, junk, family items)
  1. Water dripping from fixtures like your smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, lights, washroom exhaust fans, and ceiling fans.
  2. Upon inspection if the insulation is Wet, mold loves wet insulation. In fact, it often times take only 12 hours for certain types of insulation to start growing mold. This is why mold resistant insulation is so important in an attic. This is why RPM recommends its Cellulose Insulation after the attic has been treated.
  3. Black staining on wood surfaces in the attic. Our inspector will do a close visual inspection to determine if this darkening is because of age or mold resulting from moisture on beams.
  4. Water stains on your ceiling. It is possible that this stain could be from an old leak but all the more reason to see if mold and taken root. If it is a new leak you may have caught it in time.
  5. Attic is extremely hot and humid. A properly ventilated attic should feel more like a warm breeze. If the attic is stuffy, RPM will inspect your ventilation. We can treat for mold at a fraction of the cost after the ventilation has been repaired.
  6. When it’s really cold outside water vapor in an attic without proper ventilation can freeze on the underside of your roof. Upon inspection this will be obvious to our inspector but likely too late to have caught the mold growth and a full mold remediation may be needed.

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RPM’s Mold Control is a professional-grade

RPM’s Mold Control is a professional-grade, EPA-registered solution that destroys harmful mold and keeps it from coming back. RPM’s Mold Control does not contain toxic chemicals such as bleach, ammonia or VOCs that can be harmful to employees or building inhabitants.

RPM’s Mold Control is ideal for mold remediation in homes and businesses, mold prevention following flooding or water damage clean-up and pre-treatment of building materials for mold resistance.   Let RPM help you prevent mold build up in your Attic.

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