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Windows and Doors

Over time, the seal to a double glazed window will fail, causing moisture to make its way in between the two panes of glass. This is what causes your sealed unit to look foggy or cloudy. When this happens, give us a call and we will come take a look to give you a quote. Alternatively, if you already have an idea on sizing of the window, fill out the form on our site and we will gladly e-mail or call you with ball-park pricing. RPM will also supply and install broken or cracked single glazed windows. For single pane replacement, we typically cut this glass to size on-site and will install the very same day. Throughout every step of our window replacement process, from initial inquiry to cleaning up after the installation, it is our priority to offer you exceptional window quality, competitive prices as well as the first-class customer service. Our competitive prices, first class customer service and a strict window replacement process make us one of Ottawa’s leading window manufacturers and installation outfits.

types of single glazed glass

Although most single paned windows are 3mm (1/8”) clear glass, some may have textured glass – especially if you are in an older home. Since there are so many different patterns/textures to choose from, we recommend that if you are trying to match an existing piece to take a photo and e-mail it to us (or bring it by our shop) – we will do our best to match it! If you’re not sure which type of patterned glass you’d like, stop by the show room and we will show you samples. To read
more about your options when it comes to single paned windows, please click here.

types of sealed units

A sealed unit will usually be made with two pieces of 3mm (1/8”) glass with a ½” airspace between the two panes. As you may have already noticed while reading through our website, nothing in the glass industry is typical or standard. Like most other applications, sealed units come in different types including:

low e / argon

Tinted for climate control or privacy.

laminated for security and/or sound proofing

The thickness of glass and air space can vary depending on the application. Call us today to set up an on-site consultation. You can check out our portfolio to see examples.

switching from single glazed to double

Most older homes still have single paned windows, and you may benefit from removing those single panes and install new and efficient windows. Some questions to ask yourself when considering this change would be:

when do i need an upgrade/replacement

Am I noticing a lot of street noise such as traffic, sirens, foot traffic, etc.?
Is there a draft coming from my windows?
Are my single paned windows looking dingy and outdated?
New windows can be very energy efficient and even help with keeping your home warm in the winter months and cooler in the summer months. In some instances, windows can be converted from single to double glaze.

reasons to replace windows and doors

Energy Efficiency
1. Double glazed minimum
2. Double or triple weather stripping
3. LoE2, LoE3, or
LoES4 coating to repel or trap heat
4. Extra frame chambers to prevent drafts
Home Comfort
1. Prevents heat loss during winter
2. Cooler in summer and gives UV protection
3. Cuts down your hydro bill
4. Easy to open and close
5. Multi-locking for burglar resistance
Sound Reduction
1. High-quality double glazing
2. Triple glazing option
3. Laminated glass option
for extra protection
4. Durable, well-sealed frames 5. Asymmetric glazing to disrupt sound waves
Temperature Control
1. Weather stripping to achieve a strong seal
2. Ten chamber minimum in frames
3. LoE coating to prevent heat gain and loss
4. Argon fill for increased thermal performance

5. Open to a 90° angle to catch the breeze

Your existing windows may be:
Older windows are often single glazed and non-thermally broken (metal from inside to outside). They offer minimal insulating value and allow energy to transfer easily. Aging, outdated seals and gaskets can also contribute to air flow and increased heat loss.
Poor insulation also allows the passage of sound waves. Noise pollution can be annoying and distracting and may even affect sleep patterns.
Windows are a defining element of any building. Old windows may reduce “street appeal”.
Small leaks and the resulting damage may not be obvious but can lead to serious problems and ever increasing repair bills.
Your new windows will:
Energy-efficient windows reduce cold drafts and make units feel warmer during the heating season.
The interior surfaces of energy-efficient windows stay warmer, which means you can maintain a higher level of relative humidity without worrying about condensation on the windows (keep in mind that efficiency improvements to windows will not prevent condensation if the humidity level inside is too high).
Minimizing air leakage and improving the thermal performance of your windows. All our Windows Vinyl windows are Energy Star Zone rated B or better.
Condensation can cause premature deterioration of windows, as well as walls and finishes, leading to costly maintenance or replacement.
Promote a healthy living environment. By reducing condensation, energy- efficient windows help prevent mold growth.
Nothing provides greater street appeal and lasting investment than new windows
Workman repairing entrance door lock of the modern house or hotel during the sunny weather outdoors


Doors can be the centerpiece of your home. At RPM, we offer a diverse range of door products that are designed and crafted with durability, energy efficiency, comfort, and security in mind. Explore our door options and find the perfect match for your home. With RPM, you’re guaranteed quality. If you want your Door to work flawlessly for years, you don’t just need a handy-man, you need DOOR INSTALLATION EXPERTS.

At RPM, we have our own door installation crew. We understand, installation is the most crucial part of the whole door project. If a door is built right and not installed correctly it can be a nightmare and waste of not only your money but the time you invested in search of your dream door. We take care of all the small details, starting from rough opening measurement to the final day of installation. Our installation crew makes sure that the customer is fully satisfied and happy with the new door.

A little extra investment at the time of installation may save you money in the long run.
We walk through doors multiple times every day. They are pushed, pulled, opened, closed, and occasionally, even slammed. RPM understands that your doors need to be able to handle everyday life, while looking beautiful.
We custom manufacture and install a variety of interior and exterior residential doors and frames. You can choose from several different materials
including wood, glass, and fiberglass.