Professional Insulation, HVAC and other services
The RPM Groups official logo. Locally owned and operated, The RPM Groups provides prime Home Services in North America.

Professional services

Our Home Services Include:

Established in 2016, RPM Home Services is locally owned and operated and provides friendly everyday home maintenance services.

Attic Insulation

Keeps your home comfortable year-round by limiting heat flow.

Furnace / AC Sales and Installation

RPM’s HVAC division provides and installs the best equipment with the best warranty in the business.

Mold Prevention

If you are fortunate to not have mold growing in your attic you should consider adding prevention measures.

Mold Remediation

RPM’s Mold Fogging process will help insure you do not have to worry about mold growing in your attic.

Windows and Doors

Whether you’re planning a major home renovation or a small project, RPM will help you finance your Windows and Doors.

Spray Foam Insulation

Your home will be more energy-efficient and increasing savings

We provide the highest quality of service while focusing on attention to detail as well as safety. Please contact us if you have any questions or visit our FAQ page for more information.

Trusted from Your Own Community

We tailor reliable solutions for your home or business with local support and competitive pricing.

RPM Home Services is fully insured by WSIB Ontario
BBB A+ logo - RPM is BBB A plus accredited business and trusted by thounsands

Save on Heating and Cooling

A properly ventilated and insulated roof will also save you money on heating and cooling. Your roof is exposed to extreme heat and cold.  The roof releases humidity and heat from your home.

As these are released from your home they can be as damaging as rain from the outside. If the roof vents are not working properly, that heat and humidity become trapped. If trapped they will begin to deteriorate the wood rafters in the attic and underpinnings of your roof.

Proud RPM worker stands besides the RPM truck after a hard day of work

Protect your home, let us help you

If you have visible mold, we provide free estimates for mold removal. Did you know that almost every indoor environment has mold at low levels? It is true. But when there is visible mold in a home or the number of airborne mold spores is higher than normal, a mold problem exists and can affect the health of your family.

Sometimes mold problems are small and can be addressed by the homeowner. However, when the problem is beyond the capabilities of the homeowner, that’s when RPM @ Home Team is your best choice to perform professional attic mold removal.

Efficiency and environmental sustainability

Manufacturing good quality costs a lot, manufacturing bad quality costs everything.

We also know that achieving a quality product is dependent on a lot of moving parts and each moving part must contain its own quality standards.

Purchasing best quality raw materials, implementing innovative technology and machinery, fostering best practice environment to skills, health and safety training, and practicing lean manufacturing principles towards cost efficiency and environmental sustainability are some of the ways we strive towards excellence.