Exterior front doors are meant to be a decorative and inviting centrepiece for your home while keeping your family safe from extreme weather elements and potential intruders. Front doors can be eye-catching focal points and stylish updates that make your home stand out from the rest. Choosing the most suitable material for your front door depends on a few key details. 

Think of the design you wish to go for (especially if you want the front door to match your home’s aesthetic), your budget, and the level of security you need from your door. Consider opting for a material that will resist the climate of the area you live in. Read on to learn more about the front door material options available to you.


Wooden front doors are unmatched in their unique beauty and natural finishes. They are commonly seen in older homes, and while they can be exquisite to the eye and genuinely complement a home’s overall aesthetic, wooden doors can be affected by moisture and the sun’s heat. Warping can also become an issue with wooden doors, so be sure to examine your front door for any flaws.

In terms of cost, solid wood doors are on the pricier side due to sourcing the necessary material and the potential for adding personal touches to its design. You can also consider opting for a regular wooden door made with a wood-veneer skin set over a wood or steel core to reduce costs and help with the warping issue. 


If you want a more budget-friendly front door option, consider fibreglass. Fibreglass doors are both cost-effective and long-lasting. They may last for years without needing touch-ups, making them ideal for harsh weather conditions; they do not succumb to humidity and require very little maintenance. Furthermore, fibreglass doors often include a foam core, which acts as an effective insulator.


Amazingly enough, the door that can offer you and your family the most protection is also the most affordable. Steel doors are more durable than fibreglass doors and will not break or warp. Maintenance is also a breeze with steel doors because you can quickly mend dents or dings with an auto-body repair kit.

A steel door provides a smooth surface on which to paint. Steel front doors include a rot-resistant, low-maintenance frame structure that provides years of outstanding energy efficiency. You will also find that steel does not rot or crack.


A glass front door can make a bold statement and add a modern touch to your home. Adding an inset glass panel to your steel, wooden, or fibreglass door adds character but does significantly raise the cost. If privacy is an issue, but you find yourself needing more natural light in your home, some glass doors offer creative ways to obscure the view with frosted films or intricate designs.

Glass doors are not always the most secure option, so be sure to have extra safety measures in place to ensure your family’s safety. Consider a strong lock, a motion sensor light, security cameras, and alarm in case of intruders. 

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