House ownership comes with many maintenance tasks, including the home heating system. But, for optimal efficiency, it not only keeps your home in tip-top shape but also reduces energy costs. 

The HVAC is behind your home’s heating and cooling systems, and remembering the following essential tips will help avoid costly furnace repairs. To help keep track of your maintenance schedule, create a reminder system on your smartphone, so you don’t forget about furnace maintenance.

Change Your Furnace Filter Every Month for Optimal Performance

Heating and cooling your home involves air circulation and dust particles move with it to find their way into your furnace. The furnace filter traps unwanted dust and debris before they can blow back through the venting system.

Get into the habit of changing your furnace filter every month to keep your air and furnace clean. It will run more efficiently and help lower energy bills.

Inspect Your Furnace Wiring for Any Damage or Wear and Tear

Out of sight, out of mind… so the saying goes. It is easy to carry on with everyday life and not give your furnace mechanisms another thought. That is, until something goes wrong, and you are suddenly without heat. 

Check out your furnace wiring, pilot light, controls, and ignition switch to ensure everything is in working order. Adding this tip to your routine can help avoid unwanted furnace repairs.

Keep the Area Around Your Furnace Clear of Obstructions

It makes sense that for your furnace to function at peak performance, it needs unobstructed airflow. While some homeowners use their furnace room for a bit of storage space, extra items impede furnace function and make it challenging for maintenance access. 

Make your life, and that of your furnace repair technician, much easier by keeping this area free and clear.

Vacuum the Blower Fan Blades Regularly to Prevent Dust Buildup

Just as dust, dirt, and pet hair can build up on a room fan’s blades, it can also develop on your furnace’s blower fan blades. The result is slower-moving blades that don’t move the air from your heating or cooling system. 

Occasionally vacuuming the blower fan blades decreases the chances of taxing your furnace and other HVAC systems.

Clean the Evaporator Coil at Least Once a Year

The evaporator coil is responsible for cooling heated air and moisture in your home. Unfortunately, airborne particles find their way everywhere—including the evaporator coil—and need cleaning to keep it running smoothly and avoid mould growth. 

If you don’t want to remove the evaporator coil to clean it, use a can of compressed air to blow out loose debris. However, for stubborn dirt, you can use a mild detergent and water to first spray to soften it before gently wiping it away.

Make Sure the Thermostat is Set to the Correct Temperature

Thermostats aren’t the simple dials they used to be; newer devices include “smart” technology with more complicated settings than ever before. So make sure you get complete instructions and are comfortable operating your new thermostat before the installer leaves. That way, you won’t have to worry about incorrect temperature settings and your HVAC systems running out of sync.

Invest in Annual Maintenance by Professionals

Protecting your home heating system with routine maintenance keeps your furnace in peak operating condition. It guarantees you’re doing everything possible to lower energy costs and keep your family warm and cozy in colder months.

Trust none other than the experts at RPM Home Services in Ottawa and Toronto, ON., for your furnace’s annual inspection and maintenance. Their quality service and attention to detail are second to none, making them your first choice for all things HVAC.

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