Mold is a living organism that can instill worry in every homeowner who comes upon it in their home. The immediate reaction when spotting mold is to have it removed, and although some people will give it a go by themselves, reality points to the obvious solution: hiring a professional mold remediation team. 

Removing mold yourself is admirable but will not yield permanent results. Mold is difficult to kill with ordinary household cleaners. Successful and long-term mold removal requires stronger chemicals such as a biocide. 

Read on to learn more about mold and how it is much safer and more efficient to have it removed by a professional.

Types of Mold

Mold can be found in a variety of forms, sizes, and colours. Learn how to recognize the type of mold in your house and create a treatment strategy. Molds such as Aspergillus and Cladosporium are the most common.

Cladosporium is a black or green fungus found in bathrooms behind the toilet, painted walls or furniture, and fibreglass air ducts. Aspergillus is a mold typically found in expired foods and air conditioning systems.

What a Mold Remediation Process Looks Like

Make the mold removal process easier for the team of professionals by clearing out as much furniture as possible several days before they arrive. You will also want your driveway to be clear to make transporting equipment easier for the team. Remember to keep your pets in a separate room and away from the work area to protect their health and safety.

On the day the company arrives, they will set down plastic sheeting and send hoses inside the home to the mold location. For their health and security, the mold remediation team will suit up in personal protective gear, a respirator, and eye protection. 

Items severely affected by the mold cannot be salvaged and must be disposed of safely, usually by being bagged up and discarded afterwards. Once the area is fully clear, the team will begin applying a mold removal spray, commonly known as a biocide. This chemical product will kill the mold, and a waiting period will ensue. 

As a final step to ensure the mold does not come back, they will spray a second product that acts almost like paint. A test is conducted later to ensure the mold has been eliminated. 

What DIY Mold Removal Methods Don’t Tell You

While tackling mold removal yourself is tempting, we recommend holding off on that idea for various reasons. First, you will make things worse by spreading the mold exponentially as you scrub it away and release more spores into the air. 

Secondly, you put your health at risk if you plan on doing this job without any protective gear. Finally, the usual concoction of using bleach or vinegar will not be enough to kill the mold. All that scrubbing will be for nothing as more mold reappears.

Getting Professional Mold Remediation

It is always better to call a team of licensed professionals when dealing with mold. While the job at hand has the potential to be costly, remind yourself that you will end up paying much more if you try to tackle it yourself. You’ll likely cause more damage and not solve the root cause of the mold itself.

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